Bedroom Painting Ideas That Both You and Your Teen Will Love

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Selecting the right paint and color for your bedroom enhances mood and ambiance. It is crucial for creating a personal haven. 

Choosing the right bedroom paint involves more than just picking a shade you like; it sets the stage for your space’s overall feel and complements your furnishings and decor. The ideal bedroom color should reflect your personality and fashion a sanctuary where you can unwind and recharge. 

With countless shades and finishes available, determining the perfect combination for your bedroom can be daunting. Considering factors like room size, lighting, and the psychological impact of colors can guide your selection. A well-chosen paint not only transforms the appearance but also influences your comfort and relaxation in your bedroom retreat. 

Bedroom Painting

Choosing The Right Color

Transforming your bedroom starts with the perfect paint color. Picking the right shade sets the tone for relaxation and comfort. Here’s how to select a hue that reflects your style and complements your space.

Consider The Mood

Colors influence feelings. What feeling do you want in your bedroom? Calm blues or greens create a serene vibe. Warm yellows bring coziness. Think about the emotion you seek before choosing.

Evaluate Lighting

Natural and artificial light affect color appearance. Lighter colors brighten dim rooms. Darker tones need well-lit spaces to avoid feeling too closed in. Test paint samples at different times of day to see the true effect.

Coordinate With Furniture

Your paint should complement your furniture. Look at your bedroom’s pieces. Select a color that harmonizes with your bed, dresser, and decor. This unity brings together your space with balance and style.


Embarking on a bedroom painting project can be exciting and transformative. Preparation is key to ensuring a smooth, professional finish. Careful attention to pre-paint steps can make all the difference. Let’s get the walls ready for a fresh new color!

Clean And Repair Walls

Before the paint touches the wall, a clean canvas is crucial. Start with removing dust and dirt from every nook and cranny. A simple solution of water and mild detergent works wonders. Next, inspect the walls for holes or cracks.

  • Fill any imperfections with spackling compound.
  • Once dry, sand the area for a flawless surface.

Protect And Cover Furniture

Your precious furniture deserves protection from paint splatters. Lightweight plastic sheets or old bed sheets will act as a shield. Cover everything that cannot leave the room.

  • Move furniture to the center and cover thoroughly.
  • Secure sheets with painter’s tape if needed.

Remove Hardware And Fixtures

Safeguard the details like switch plates and outlet covers. Removing these elements prevents painting mishaps. Keep screws and fixtures in a bag to avoid losing them.

  • Use a screwdriver to carefully remove all hardware.
  • Label each item for easy reinstallation.

Essential Tools And Materials

Preparing to paint your bedroom is exciting. The right tools and materials make the job easier. Quality tools lead to a better finish and less frustration. Before you start, gather these essential items:

Paint Brushes And Rollers

Brushes and rollers apply paint smoothly. They come in various sizes. For edges and corners, a two-inch angled brush works well. Larger walls need a roller. Rollers cover more area faster than brushes. Choose rollers with a nape suitable for your wall texture.

  • Angled brushes for trim
  • Rollers for large surfaces
  • Extension poles for high places
  • Roller trays for paint


Primer creates a smooth base for paint. It helps hide imperfections. It also ensures paint sticks and colors look true.

  • Oil-based primer for stained surfaces
  • Water-based primer for regular walls
  • Tinted primer if using dark colors

Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape keeps edges sharp. It protects trim and ceilings from splatters. Apply it carefully to get clean lines. Remove it slowly after painting for the best results.

  • Wide tape for baseboards
  • Narrow tape for small trim
  • Specialty tapes for patterns 

Painting Techniques

Transforming a bedroom begins with the right painting techniques. Painting a bedroom can breathe new life into the space. It requires skill to create a professional finish. This post provides a step-by-step guide for painting your bedroom like a pro.

Cutting In The Edges

Cutting in is a method used by painters to outline a room. This technique creates clean edges around trim, ceilings, and corners. To cut in, use a high-quality angled brush. Dip the brush into the paint covering a third of the bristles. Gently wipe away excess paint. Apply paint to edges with smooth, steady strokes. This ensures crisp lines that define the space beautifully.

Applying The Base Coat

The base coat sets the stage for your bedroom’s new color. Begin with a smooth, even layer of primer if needed. Allow it to dry as per instructions. Then, use a roller to apply the chosen paint color. Start from the top of the wall and work your way down. Ensure to cover the walls with a uniform coat. This creates a solid foundation for additional coats.

Using Multiple Coats

Applying multiple coats ensures proper coverage and depth of color. Wait for the first layer to dry before applying the next. It might take two or more coats to achieve the perfect finish. Allow each coat to dry completely. Check the manufacturer’s advice for drying times. This patience rewards you with stunning, long-lasting color and a professional-looking result.

Adding Texture And Patterns

Transforming your bedroom with paint can lead to extraordinary results. Not only can color change the mood of your room, but adding texture and patterns can elevate the style to a whole new level. Let’s dive into creative ways to infuse your walls with personality and flair.

Creating A Faux Finish

Faux finishes are magical. They add depth and character to walls, mimicking various materials. Here’s how to make a statement:

  • Start with a base coat in your chosen color.
  • Layer with glaze or plaster techniques.
  • Use tools like sponges or rags to create textures.

From silky marble to rustic brick, the possibilities are endless!

Using Stencils

Stencils bring patterns to life. Easy and affordable, they’re perfect for DIY enthusiasts. Here’s a quick how-to guide:

  1. Choose a stencil that speaks to you.
  2. Secure it flat against the wall.
  3. Apply paint using a brush or roller.

With stencils, create bold geometrics or soft florals in no time.

Incorporating Wallpaper

Wallpaper introduces instant charm. It works wonders in both small spaces and large rooms. Consider these tips:

Step Tip
1. Measure Ensure you have enough wallpaper for the area.
2. Match Align patterns meticulously for a seamless look.
3. Apply Use the right adhesive for your wallpaper type.

Wallpaper can create a stunning feature wall or cover an entire room.

Accent Walls

Transforming your bedroom with an accent wall is like giving your space a dash of personality. This bold feature becomes the room’s focal point. It invites warmth, depth, and drama into an otherwise ordinary room. So, let’s dive into creating that eye-catching accent wall!

Choosing The Right Wall

Choosing the perfect wall to accent is crucial. Look for a wall with no windows or doors. It should be the first wall you see upon entering. This wall will be your canvas.

  • Consider the room’s layout.
  • Identify the natural focal point.
  • Ensure ample lighting to highlight the wall.

Selecting A Bold Color

Picking a bold color breathes life into your bedroom. The right shade can make the wall stand out. Choose a color that complements the room yet contrasts well with other walls.

Color Mood Suggested Hues
Calming Ocean Blue, Sage Green
Energetic Sunburst Yellow, Fiery Red
Luxurious Purple Velvet, Black Onyx

Enhancing With Wallpaper Or Textures

Add depth to your accent wall with wallpaper or textures. Textured wallpaper can mimic materials like stone, wood, or fabric. Try these options for a unique touch:

  1. Grasscloth for a natural feel.
  2. Geometric patterns for a modern twist.
  3. Faux brick for an industrial vibe.

Remember to keep the room’s overall look cohesive. The selected wallpaper or texture should match your chosen color and room’s theme.

Tips For A Professional Finish

Achieving a professional finish when painting your bedroom can truly transform the space. Here are essential tips to help you paint like a pro.

Maintaining A Consistent Technique

  • Choose the right tools. Use quality brushes and rollers.
  • Keep wet edges to prevent drying lines.
  • Roll in a ‘W’ pattern, then fill in for even coverage.

Avoiding Lap Marks

Lap marks appear when paint build-up occurs at the edge of a stroke. To avoid them:

  1. Paint an entire wall in one session.
  2. Apply paint from “wet to dry” to blend edges.
  3. Use the right amount of paint on your tools.

Proper Cleanup

Clean tools right after use to keep them in good condition.

Tool Cleanup Method
Brushes Rinse with water (for latex paint) or solvent (for oil-based).
Rollers Scrape excess paint, then wash and dry.
Trays Wipe or soak, then rinse and dry.

Finishing Touches

After the fresh coat of paint dries, the real magic begins. Finishing touches bring the room together. They make your bedroom shine. We’ll guide you through reinstalling hardware, touching up the edges, and adding decorative elements. Let’s put the spotlight on details to make your bedroom sparkle.

Reinstalling Hardware And Fixtures

Once paint dries, it’s time to put everything back. Don’t rush this step. Care can prevent chipping your new paint.

  • Clean hardware first
  • Use a screwdriver, not a drill
  • Go slow to keep paint perfect

Tip: Replace old hardware. It’s a small change that adds a big upgrade.

Touching Up Edges

Edges define a room’s crispness. A fine brush helps clear up any overlaps or bleeds. Patience and a steady hand are your tools here.

  1. Wait for paint to dry
  2. Dip a fine brush lightly
  3. Brush along edges with care

Adding Decorative Elements

Now, let’s personalize the space. Here, your style speaks. Will you choose bold prints? Or perhaps textured throws and pillows? Consider these:

Decorative Element Idea
Artwork Statement piece above the bed
Lighting String lights for a cozy glow
Plants Greenery to freshen the room

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Frequently Asked Questions For Bedroom Painting


What Are Trending Bedroom Paint Colors? 

Trending bedroom paint colors often include calming blues, warm neutrals like taupe, and soothing greens. The popularity of these hues reflects a desire for tranquility in personal spaces.

How To Choose A Paint Finish For Bedrooms? 

For bedrooms, eggshell or satin finishes are ideal, combining slight sheen with easy cleaning. Avoid high gloss which can be overly reflective and matte that marks easily. 

Is Painting A Bedroom A Diy Project? 

Painting a bedroom can be a successful DIY project with careful planning. Equip yourself with the right tools and paint, devote time for preparation, and follow a step-by-step approach. 

What’s The Best Season To Paint A Bedroom?

The best season for painting a bedroom is typically spring or fall. These seasons offer moderate temperatures and low humidity, allowing paint to dry and cure properly.


Transforming your bedroom with a fresh coat of paint can rejuvenate your personal space. Embrace your creativity and choose a hue that resonates with your style. Remember, a good paint job not only adds vibrancy but also increases your home’s appeal. So, grab your brushes and let’s color your world!

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